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We are a creative video design company from London. We capture your ideas and create impact behind them. We specialise in promotional videos, typography, animated explainers, video branding and much more.



We love our clients! Here are some examples of what Green Bird Media Productions can do for you.

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  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Logo Intro's
  • Promos
  • Special Effects
  • Typography
  • Is The Qur’an Outdated?

    Is The Qur’an Outdated?

  • Good Boy Gone Bad

    Good Boy Gone Bad

  • Muhammad In The Bible

    Muhammad In The Bible

  • The Q&A Series Intro

    The Q&A Series Intro

  • Quran Gems Intro

    Quran Gems Intro

  • Dawah Man Intro

    Dawah Man Intro

  • You’re My Wife….

    You’re My Wife….

  • Eminem VS Qur’an

    Eminem VS Qur’an

  • The Final Dawah Promo

    The Final Dawah Promo

  • Enjoy Eden 2014

    Enjoy Eden 2014

  • Malawi 2013

    Malawi 2013

  • GBMP Intro

    GBMP Intro

  • Al-Asr Intro

    Al-Asr Intro

  • Ad-Duha Intro

    Ad-Duha Intro

  • Accident Intro

    Accident Intro

  • Ex-Factor Intro

    Ex-Factor Intro

  • Naseeha Sessions

    Naseeha Sessions


We are looking for: Creative, Innovative, & Passionate Individuals.

Interactive Graphic Designer
Interactive Graphic Designer
Video Editor/Motion Graphics
Video Editor/Motion Graphics
Script Editor
Script Editor
Sketch Artist
Sketch Artist

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